Some great examples of Geowave in use


Hammerson shopping centres used Geowave to trigger Geofenced messaging to app users when they entered and exited their centres. They used the messaging to send personalised offers that were tailored to the dwell time in the centre and the frequency of visits. This helped Hammerson win the DMA Gold Award for best use of Location.

Mobile Vouchers

Bacardi used Geowave to send Mobile Vouchers to app users across the 4th Screen Network when they were near a supporting bar. Users could then use the Voucher to enjoy a free Grey Goose cocktail. This campaign helped Geowave win the Mobile Marketing Effectiveness Award for Best Location Platform.

Location Analytics

Minicabster used Geowave to segement app users on our Partner network discovering which users had visited Heathrow Airport multiple times recently. They were then able to re-target these users with advertising.

Advertising Revenue

Trinity Mirror use Geowave in 10 of their top news apps to generate Location Based Advertising revenues. Geowave lets their advertisers target users who have frequently been near a high street business or POI. Over 100 advertisers have booked with them ranging from Tiger Tiger to Paddy Power & Argos.